Exhibits Sawatdee Anxiety

07/06/2014 - 15/08/2014


Whitespace Gallery Bangkok



Exhibition dates: 07 June – 15 August 2014
Sawatdee Anxiety 

Artists Suwit Maprajaub & Peerawayt Krasaesom return to Whitespace Gallery during a time of high anxiety in the nation of Thailand, as in many places around the world. Quite independently, both artists proposed works expressive of their present feelings of uncertainty and fearfulness about the state of Thailand, and the world at large.

Peerawayt has created a series of intricate pieces in acrylic and ink create abstracted objects including machine guns and tanks with cellular structures (a reference to microscopic views of blood cells). The artist wishes to pose questions of human’s violent nature, and whether it’s an inexorably built-in to our DNA.

Suwit continues his sculptural work with found oil cans– that ask audiences to consider the environment, energy dependence and the violence that can arise over its control. The artist’s playful, colorful works belie much darker themes like death, sex and greed.


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