Exhibits NAKED : Wutikorn Kongka

28/01/2011 - 20/02/2011






For the third solo show, in “Naked”series is the result due to the first series“wallpaper” and the second series “Reverie”.By reference the sculpture that I like and bring to the story with the ideological dream under the language of painting. I'm still interesting to continue searching what I like all, it will take me to wherever land. Much more into the world of painting,it was found that the interaction betweenconceptual structures is a summary of theimage. All planned was very carefullywithfresh ideas occurs when we met the problem, even own draw without even thinking to releasefluid itself. Because of the ears are listening
music, but the brain is thinking something elsenot on work in front of ,or talking to someoneat the same time. It become that something is difficult to continue for explaining where's the really image comes from. what makes us decide to stop or add it. My painting has become a focal point of the weird process which makes me feel free and can not calculable that it will take us to any level.
For “Naked” series is continues to insist on the sculpture that I like, just changed some ways to diversify the character that the eyes without feeling. I enjoyed that line with the flat edge of color management to the look of paintings, changed it in the way of a smooth but under the bright. The bright is flaying the flesh to the fibers of the same construction of the meandering lines on the body similar to the muscle or blood vessel to pump in every part of the body.Meanwhile, the nude of man and woman are peeling to see the essence of gender and body, including emotions; love and desire
emotional even sex emotional of couple that reflect image of the romantic. But the romance was peeled off. Many times I dreamed that I was naked and felt embarrassed. I always so relieved when wake up found that it was only a dream.
It makes me feel that envelops the body with clothes that dominate our culture is deep and straight into the subconscious of people. As
cause the fear and shame to reveal it, but when some emotional happens. The naked become what stimulate lustful. No more shame, obviously reveals. I do not intend to make this work talks about the sex emotional. But think of “Peeled” off for “naked”. At least I have learned more of myself. Learn how we will
confront with the naked body and soul of what we own.


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